4 Tips To Prepare For Your MOT

Every car which is older than 3 years requires an annual MOT test by law. This is to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive and in a roadworthy condition. To ensure that your car passes the test, it’s sensible to be as prepared as possible beforehand. Being aware of a few common faults can make the difference between your car passing and failing, and having to pay extra to retake! To help you, we’ve put together 4 tips to prepare for your upcoming MOT. 

1. Don't Go Into An MOT With Faulty Tyres

If you go into an MOT with bold or damaged tyres, your vehicle will automatically fail. What’s more, as it is illegal to drive with faulty tyres, your tester may have to go ahead and change them straight away. So, if you would prefer to shop around for the best price, make sure you inspect your tyres ahead of your MOT. Checking if they’re bold is really easy – simply take a 20p coin and place it within the grooves on each tyre. If the outer band of the coin is visible, they may need changing. 

2. Ensure All Lights & Indicators Are Working

As the lights are a crucial part of every vehicle, it’s important they are always working correctly. You can make sure everything is functioning as should be by parking up in a safe space and taking a walk around your vehicle. Take turns switching on your hazards, headlights and your indicators. Should you notice any faults, why not replace the bulbs yourself? You can save a lot of money and may avoid failing the test.

3. Book A Service Before Your MOT

A good way to prepare ahead of your MOT is by arranging a service. Your mechanic will be able to make sure your car is safe and roadworthy ahead of your test, and fix any faults that could lead to a fail. Please get in touch with the team at Bridgeyate Motor Services to book a car service with reliable, qualified professionals.

4. Wipe Your Number Plate

In order to pass your MOT test, your number plate needs to be clean and fully legible. Therefore, if it’s dirty or covered in gunk, your tester may fail you! This is because all aspects of your car need to comply with the law to pass, and legal requirements dictate that a car’s number plate must be clean and readable. So, don’t get caught out over something which can be easily remedied! Simply give your number plate a quick wipe over before your test.

Contact Bridgeyate Motor Services Today To Book Your MOT

If you’re in need of an MOT, look no further than our expert team. At Bridgeyate, our mechanics operate with integrity and will work hard to ensure your car is safe for use. Please get in touch with us today to arrange our services.

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